I’ve been super but lately so I haven’t been posting much (at all)

but I’ll probably start posting again at the end of term 2 when school breaks up for christmas

sorry guys :(

jesus christ im laughign so hard this is the greatest thing ever

ty bb :D

the sequel

the sequel

ok question... what is the deal with baguettes. no hate, i just noticed alot of the edm fandom has this thing with dj's and baguettes i must have missed the joke

I’m not too sure actually but like you know

baguettes are french

hugo is french

um yeah

and thanks for linking me, youre the best bby <3 and omfg hugo's eyebrows are perfect o.O

*sniff sniff*

lol what is with you and analysing faces o.o

stop procrastinating woman and cry w me about history hw

ew fuck i’m watching a 30 min documentary on coca cola for bus. 

ugh what is school

what is A2

what is life


I’ll try to soon but I’m literally drowning in homework rn, sorry :((

I just. Your blog